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Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance
Installation and Commissioning services

From first operation through the entire life cycle of the equipment, minimize risk and enhance the performance of your electrification system.

As an OEM of electrical distribution equipment, ABB knows power delivery systems from the substation to the power panel. Whatever power delivery challenge you face, trust ABB's expertise and experience to deliver a high-quality structured system on time and within budget.

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Certified service engineers assist customers from testing through commissioning and initial operation support. ABB helps ensure a seamless transition from manufacturing to on-site implementation, and we provide a spectrum of services that facilitate effective and reliable operations.

Service options

ABB’s global network of test and evaluation centers, coupled with 1,000+ field engineers and technicians, offers quality products and services, strong project management expertise, and broad multi-vendor service offerings.

Expert support of installation
ABB’s experts provide support to your team or contractor by facilitating installation and verification of the equipment. Our support service addresses information about how equipment may be successfully installed, as well as verification of the installation at each stage of the process.

Start-up and commissioning
ABB’s start-up and commissioning service includes review for proper installation, standard on-site testing, electronics settings and functional testing.

We offer a 12-month extension to standard factory warranty included with the start-up and commissioning package for participating equipment. See publication for further details.

Hands-on training for site operators
Informal training is conducted in front of the equipment just after commissioning. Our service offers:

  • Expert review of equipment drawings by certified ABB field service engineers, paired with detailed question and answer engagement
  • High level orientation and introduction to the equipment and major components
  • High level system operation overview
  • Review of safety devices and operation



ABB Preventive Maintenance & Outage Support
Preventive Maintenance & Outage Support

Maximize plant efficiency with the right maintenance program.
Preventive maintenance programs developed by the ABB Electrification Services team can help extend the life of your equipment by correcting deficiencies, monitoring your asset’s health, building a spares strategy, and proactively maintaining equipment.




Arc flash safety
Arc Flash Services

ABB Arc Flash Safety Services studies your system and tailors the right combination of solutions to mitigate these hazards.

  • Keep incident energy low with sensitive protective settings, fast interruption and fault diversion
  • Deploy advance diagnostics to prevent events, optimize maintenance, and “know before touch”
  • Shield personnel via proper PPE, arc-resistant equipment, barriers, and walls
  • Operate equipment remotely with fast communications and operating and diagnostic software

LEARN MORE: Arc flash hazard protection




Circuit Breakers - Retrofill Retrofit and Refurbishment
Breakers: Retrofill/Retrofit and Refurbishment

Help make the most of your existing equipment.

Circuit Breaker Refurbishment

Retrofill/Retrofit Products:
EntelliGuard R Retrofill
Medium Voltage LIS Retrofit
Power Break II Retrofill
DC High Speed Circuit Breakers





Upgrade & Replacement

Learn about these upgrade options for your products.