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Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance

As an OEM of electrical distribution equipment, ABB knows power delivery systems from the substation to the power panel. Whatever power delivery challenge you face, trust ABB's expertise and experience to deliver a high-quality structured system on time and within budget.


ABB's global network of test and evaluation centers, coupled with 1,000+ field engineers and technicians, offers quality products and services, strong project management expertise, and broad multi-vendor service offerings:

  • Power system upgrades and retrofits
  • Circuit breaker and relay testing services
  • Short circuit, protective device coordination and Arc-Flash studies
  • Load flow, power factor, and harmonic studies
  • Substation design/build/repair
  • Electrical infrastructure upgrades
  • Custom panel design and build
  • 24/7/365 emergency services and parts support
  • Electrical safety training
  • Onsite or in-shop repair services for electrical equipment
  • Preventive maintenance and service agreements

ABB advantage

ABB is dedicated to increasing your output and enhancing your profitability, tailoring solutions for your application and budget through:

  • Proven Experience. ABB has a proven record of on-time completion, while finishing at or below original project budget. You will be served by ABB Field Service engineers – not a subcontractor.
  • Risk Sharing. Transferring project risk from the end user to ABB, eliminating costly scope creep and schedule changes.
  • Flexibility. Design flexibility is maintained to ensure all technical needs are met.
  • Resource Utilization. Engaging qualified ABB resources allows customer engineers to work on other tasks.
  • Increased Reliability. Extending life and improving the reliability of existing electrical systems and protection of critical loads.
  • Long Term Support. Maintaining the facility after energization and realizing a high level of reliability, while reducing operating costs with a contractual service agreement.
  • Safety. Innovative techniques and products for mitigating arc flash hazards and analyzing waveforms helps keep equipment and personnel out of harm’s way.
  • Large Global Presence. ABB brings a strong, experienced local staff almost anywhere in the world.
  • Real-world Applications. Dedicated professionals can develop solutions across heavy industry and commercial applications, in multiple facets of their businesses (e.g., capital, water, power).



ABB Preventive Maintenance & Outage Support
Preventive Maintenance & Outage Support

Maximize plant efficiency with the right maintenance program.
Preventive maintenance programs developed by the ABB Electrification Services team can help extend the life of your equipment by correcting deficiencies, monitoring your asset’s health, building a spares strategy, and proactively maintaining equipment.




Arc flash safety
Arc Flash Services

ABB Arc Flash Safety Services studies your system and tailors the right combination of solutions to mitigate these hazards.

  • Keep incident energy low with sensitive protective settings, fast interruption and fault diversion
  • Deploy advance diagnostics to prevent events, optimize maintenance, and “know before touch”
  • Shield personnel via proper PPE, arc-resistant equipment, barriers, and walls
  • Operate equipment remotely with fast communications and operating and diagnostic software

LEARN MORE: Arc flash hazard protection




Circuit Breakers - Retrofill Retrofit and Refurbishment
Breakers: Retrofill/Retrofit and Refurbishment

Help make the most of your existing equipment.

Circuit Breaker Refurbishment

Retrofill/Retrofit Products:
EntelliGuard R Retrofill
Medium Voltage LIS Retrofit
Power Break II Retrofill
DC High Speed Circuit Breakers





Upgrade & Replacement

Learn about these upgrade options for your products.