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Meter Mod III Main Pull Box Modules

Main Pull Box Modules
Provides bus-mounted lugs for connection to the utility feed.

A main pull box module serves as the main termination point for utility feed. Where desired, it provides the utility with a connection point that is separate from the rest of the metering system. This allows the utility to make its service connections without having to interface with the rest of the metering system.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces wire stress
  • Crafted from high-quality steel
  • Simplifies Wiring Installation

Key Features

  • Top or bottom feed
  • Main pull box modules include lugs only. Horizontal cross bus is not included

Technical Specifications

  • Available in these main ampere ratings: 400, 800, 1200
  • 1PH and 3PH


UL Listed, 1-phase and 3-phase


  • Multi-family apartments
  • Multi-family mixed Use