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Meter Stack Modules - Single & Three Phase

Modular meter centers are used for multi-family dwellings such as duplexes or apartment buildings. Meter Modules are available with two to six-meter compartments that are self-contained. Individual branch circuit breakers for each tenant are located in a separate compartment adjacent to each meter socket.


Meter Stack Modules  Single & Three Phase
Consists of 2-6 commonly bussed meter sockets with branch circuit protection.

Meter stacks consist of 2-6 commonly bussed meter sockets with branch circuit protection. A meter socket secures and provides the electrical connection for the meter. Meter stacks are mechanically and electrically built to connect with main modules and other meter stacks to secure an optimized electrical distribution.

Key Benefits

  • Equipped with raintight cap prevents water filtration
  • Solid meter barrier to guard unmetered bus against power theft
  • Superior finish to extend the durability of the enclosure/modular metering
  • Enclosed horizontal bus to provide higher installation flexibility

Key Features

  • All enclosures are NEMA 3R indoor/ outdoor construction
  • Ring-type and ringless socket designs
  • Ring-type meter stacks supplied with 4-jaw meter sockets (5th jaw kit available)
  • 1PH ringless meter sockets supplied with 5-jaw meter sockets and available with factory-installed horn or lever bypass
  • 3PH ringless meter sockets supplied with 7-jaw meter sockets and have lever bypass factory installed

Technical Specifications

  • Available with 800A and 1200A horizontal bussing
  • 1PH and 3PH options
  • 125, 200, 225 and 400A stacks available


UL Listed, 1-phase and 3-phase


  • Multi-family apartments and mixed Use
  • Light commercial modular metering projects
  • High-rise apartments and condos



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