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Ekip UP

Ekip UP is the best option when it comes to metering, protecting, and/or controlling your low voltage power distribution system. The metering function  measures voltage, current, power (real & reactive), energy, power factor, frequency, and harmonics. All measurements can be captured, managed and stored in the cloud based energy and asset management platform, ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System. The protect function offers 40+ low voltage ANSI distribution(mains & feeders) and generator protections. The control version in addition to the meter/protection features adds the power management capability through connecting and disconnecting loads/sources of power. 

Ekip UP in the best way, will be able to:
UP-date old facility with the latest innovation in the fastest way.
UP-grade plant and get more functionalities in order to cover all the opportunities.
UP-load measures and enable true energy management function.
Maximize UP-time thanks to easy commissioning without impact on switchboard design.

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