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Motor Control Centers - Medium Voltage

Medium Voltage Motor Control Centers

Medium Voltage Motor Control Centers
Limitamp - Medium Voltage MCC
A high-interrupting capacity, MV control used throughout industry to control and protect squirrel-cage, wound-rotor and synchronous motors. For applications of >1000V.
SafeGear Motor Control Centers
Medium voltage motor control center up to 7.2 kV
Synchronous Motor Control Field Panels
ABB Motor field panel was designed to replace existing synchronous motor exciters. Includes state of the art digital controls, long-lasting SCR switching devices,...
Limitamp AR - Medium Voltage MCC
Limitamp AR medium voltage adds that Extra Margin of Protection: It meets the IEEE C37.20.7 standard and provides Type 2B protection for personnel during an arc flash.
Limitamp Air to Vacuum Conversion Kit - MV MCC
Limitamp Vacuum Contactors are designed to provide long,trouble-free service with only a minimal amount of maintenance.

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