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Reliability - Safety - Performance excellence:  Those are the consistent hallmarks of the diverse portfolio of electrical solutions that ABB has developed, installed, and maintained for the mining industry. We are uniquely positioned to meet the process requirements of our customers with an immense foundation of expertise. A century of industry achievements and technology breakthroughs to electrify processes from upstream to downstream delivering high performance solutions.

Reliable, Efficient, and Continuous Operation:  Our comprehensive offerings have cross-functional applications throughout the mine site. Systems and equipment for power generation, automation and control, medium-voltage (MV) and low-voltage (LV) equipment, transformers, distribution equipment and drives work in all the key mining functions - operations, concentration and tailings, refining and pelletization, and transportation.

Safety and Protection:  Mining operations depend on power that is delivered safely, as well as efficiently and reliably. They require solutions to lessen the risk of electric shock and arc-flash and arc-blast incidents for personnel operating or working near live electrical equipment.

Project-Specific Support Capabilities: ABB can support your specific mining project needs globally and locally with a projects team that combines domain expertise with application/technical, commercial, project management and site services resources.