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ReliaGear Merchandised neXT SuperBox Power Panelboards

ReliaGear Merchandised neXT SuperBox Power Panelboards

ReliaGear® Merchandised neXT SuperBox Power Panelboards, featuring ABB’s Tmax® XT plug-in circuit breakers, are now ready to go!

Taking ABB’s power panel innovations to the neXT level with modular, field-modifiable panel design and groundbreaking Tmax XT plug-in circuit breakers. ABB Presents the SuperBox, a fully assembled panelboard from local inventory, ready to service projects with quick turnaround.

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  • Projects with quick turnaround – emergency situations, property dames, EV, data centers, commercial renovations, or building expansions
  • No lead time – quickly and efficiently install these readily available panelboards from distributor inventory
  • Flexible design – easy top/bottom feed changes in the field, single-tool installation, and plug-in breakers for quick location flexibility


  • IP20 Bus stack provides end users maximum safety without the hazard of live parts
  • neXT Level protection utilizing Plug in Tmax XT breaker technology including flexibility in design
  • Ability to add more breakers to larger SuperBox sizes for future expansion capabilities
  • Easy and fast top/bottom feed changes in the field 
  • Ground and neutral locations easily moved 
  • Easy gutter access with hinged trims as standard

Technical specifications

  • Bus Stack rated for 600A, 800A, and 1200A with Main Lug or Main Breaker options
  • System voltages up to 600V AC 3-phase 4-wire and 3-phase 3-wire
  • NEMA 1 or 3R enclosures available
  • Meets all UL, cUL, and CSA standards