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SMISSLINE TP touch-proof system is the complete line protection solution for buildings and machines where safety, availability, and flexibility matter. SMISSLINE TP plug-in distribution system ensures that load-free devices and components can be snapped on and off under voltage with no need for added personal protective equipment to guard against electrical shock.*
* Refer to your local regulations to comply with safety policies.

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  • Safer: The SMISSLINE TP plug-in socket system allows for load-free plugging in and unplugging under voltage without additional personal safety equipment for protection against electrical hazards.**
  • Economical: Saves time thanks to the plug-in technology and saves space thanks to the vertical installation of the bus bar socket
  • Easier: Quick maintenance of the switchboard as the wiring is already integrated into the plug-in socket system. Thus the installation is better arranged and tidier to check, even by not highly qualified personnel
  • Flexible: rapid replacement, easy expansion, and modification even under voltage as no tools are needed thanks to the snap-on installation

** Refer to your local regulations to comply with safety policies.


  • Easy phase balancing - Movable contact in the back of the MCB to accommodate to the desired phase
  • Directly pluggable devices such as MCBs, RCDs, RCBOs, motor starters, and switch disconnectors
  • Completely finger-safe (IP20)
  • 250A direct feed busbar system available
  • Prefabricated for cabinet installation both vertically and horizontally
  • Excellent safety for maintenance and servicing

Technical specifications

  • 125A and 250A systems
  • Up to 600V 3 phase, 3/4-wire system voltage
  • Maximum short circuit rating is equal to 50 kA at 480 Y/277V

Standards and certifications

  • UL 489 UL File #312425
  • UL 508 recognized, UL File #E222110
  • UL 508 UL File #257901IP20


SMISSLINE TP is the complete line protection solution for applications with high availability, easy and fast installation, and maintenance requirements:

  • Information Technology & Communication:  Data Centers, Communication Centers
  • Infrastructure: Airports, train stations
  • Health: Hospitals
  • Industry: Process and factory automation, machinery