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Modular power distribution bus system

The finger-proof pluggable system for line protection

SMISSLINE TP is the complete line protection solution for applications with high availability, easy and fast installation and maintenance requirements: 

  • Information Technology & Communication, e.g. Data Centers, Communication Centers
  • Infrastructure, e.g. airports, train stations
  • Health, e.g. hospitals
  • Industry, e.g. process and factory automation, machinery

Small cause, large effect: as the world’s first pluggable socket system, SMISSLINE TP ensures that load-free devices and components can be snapped on and off under voltage without the need for additional personal protective equipment to guard against electrical hazards. That opens up completely new prospects for you when it comes to installation, operation and flexibility.

Main benefits

  • Safe: The SMISSLINE TP plug-in socket system allows for load-free plugging in and unplugging under voltage without additional personal safety equipment for protection against electrical hazards
  • Economical: Saves time thanks to the plug-in technology and saves space thanks to the vertical installation of the bus bar socket
  • Easy and quick maintenance of the switchboard as wiring is already integrated in the plug-in socket system, thus the installation is better arranged and tidier to check, even by not highly qualified personnel
  • Flexible: rapid replacement, easy expansion and modification even under voltage as no tools are needed thanks to the snap-on installation

Main features

  • Worldwide approvals and standards
  • Excellent safety for maintenance and servicing
  • Completely finger-safe (IP20)
  • Excellent safety for maintenance and servicing
  • Directly pluggable devices such as MCBs, RCDs, RCBOs, motor starters and switch disconnectors
  • Prefabricated for cabinet installation both vertically and horizontally

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