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Ocal Corrosion Resistant Conduit Systems

With outstanding performance in corrosive environments, Ocal® PVC-coated conduit and fittings extend the life of your electrical system for many years beyond the lifespan of standard rigid conduit systems.

A complete corrosion protection solution

  • Industry-leading thread protection through a hot-dipped galvanizing process, and industry-leading UL® Listed type 4X PVC-coated conduit bodies.

  • ABB supplies Ocal PVC-coated conduit with hot-dip galvanized threads. Hot-dip galvanizing is the process through which the steel shell is dipped in molten zinc, causing the zinc to penetrate the steel.

  • ABB supplies Ocal PVC-coated conduit with a full undisturbed zinc coating under the PVC coating, fulfilling the requirement of NEMA RN-1 regarding the restriction of harmed or eroded zinc coating over the conduit.

  • UL Listed including UV resistance testing.

  • Ocal supplies “double-coat” coated fittings, enhancing corrosion protection by applying coating to the interior and exterior of the fittings before PVC coating.

  •  Ocal offers custom colors.

  • Ocal offers local installation training and certification.


  • Ocal® UL verified Nema 4X conduit body: The  Ocal UL 4X conduit body, including covers with a leakproof O-ring seal,  has been UL verified to meet the latest NEMA standard for both corrosion and damage from liquids.
  • Ocal® Certified Contractor Training:   Warranties are automatically extended for two years when Ocal is installed by certified contractors. Comprehensive contractor training is available from Thomas & Betts, free of charge.