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T&B Rigid Fittings

ABB Installation Products pioneered many industry standard rigid fittings including Chase® nipples and Erickson® couplings.  The T&B® rigid fittings innovation continues with BlueKote® conduit bodies and many new features and products for ordinary and hazardous locations.


Durable Design: T&B® rigid fittings designs are driven by the needs of the electrician and provide ease of installation and on the job reliability.

Industry and Code Compliance: ABB Installation Products engineers are actively engaged in the industry and  continuously updating and improving designs to assure our fittings meet the requirements of the NEC as well as listing requirements under UL and CSA.

Lower Installed Cost: Our always-ready product availability, installation advantages and long-term performance add up to a lower installed cost for ABB Installation Products rigid fittings.


  • Non-Metallic Expansion Deflection Coupling
  • Bushings, Nipples, Locknuts & Plugs
  • Conduit Bodies and Covers
  • Couplings & Accessories
  • Device Boxes and Covers
  • Hazardous Location Fittings
  • Hubs, Bulkhead Fittings