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OVR PV Type 2 Surge Protective Devices

OVR PV Type 2 SPDs for Photovoltaic applications help divert the lightning currents within an electrical system resulting from indirect lightning events. They have effective voltage protection ratings keeping damaging voltage peaks from exceeding the withstand voltages of the protected equipment.

OVR PV Type 2 SPDs are typically installed inside the string/combiner boxes or inside the PV Inverter. Additional PV SPDs may be required for optimal protection if cable lengths between SPDs are greater than 10 meters.


Extended lifetime
Safety Reserve system with two varistors per line to extend protection lifetime

Easy replacement
Pluggable cartridge for easy replacement during maintenance

Faster wiring
OVR T2 series use the same terminal as Pro M compact devices to offer complete coordination and time-saving in wiring operation

Easy identification
Clear information on the front of the product indicating the technical characteristics of the OVR


  • Protection mode: DC+ to DC- / DC+ to G / DC- to G
  • Protected lines: 2
  • Technology: Thermally protected varistor
  • Bi-color end of life indicator (green= functional / Red= replace
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Auxiliary contact options
  • Pluggable cartridge
  • Bottom wiring

Technical Specifications

  • L+, L- protection
  • Self protected up to lscpv, Sccr = 10kA
  • Uc = 1000, 1500 VDC
  • ln = 20kA (1000V), 15 kA (1500V)
  • Up = 4 kV (1000V), 5 (1500V)
  • VPR = 3 kV (1000V), 4 (1500V)

Standards & Certifications

  • IEC 61643-31
  • UL 1449 5th ed


Photovoltaic applications (string/ combiner boxes, PV inverter)