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Surge Protective Devices

Surge Protective Devices

Current Technology Surge Protection

Current Technology Select SL3
Selenium Enhanced Select® SL3™ suppression filter systems provide selenium-enhanced surge protection along with a powerful, failure-free, integrated suppression module that...
Current Technology Transguard T3
TransGuard®-TG3™ Series Includes everything found in the premium SL3 system without selenium enhancement.
Current Technology PX3
Choose our PX3™ suppression system when you need an externally mounted surge solution that can be physically attached to the top or bottom of any panelboard.
Mastermind monitoring series
The Current Technology MasterMind™ Monitoring system offers multiple levels of advanced, multi-function, Power Quality monitoring for SL3™, TG3™, and PX3™ suppression filter...
ISM Series  integrated suppression module
The ISM is a Type 4 SPD sub-assembly that is suitable for use in Type 1 or Type 2 SPD locations allowing for easy integration into higher-level systems.
Current Technology SPD
With our new innovative Z-Path System, component-level fusing and enhanced built-in EMI/RFI filter, CurrentGuard™ and CurrentGuard™ Plus, offer the best-in-class performance...
Current Technology LoadGuard MSU
Compact and powerful, LoadGuard protects these and other individual components from damaging electrical transients, high-frequency noise, and high-energy disturbances....
Current Technology HPI High-Performance Interconnect System
Dual shielded, triple insulated multi-core power conductor specially constructed to minimize interconnection impedance for SPD installations.
Current Technology DTS-2 Diagnostic Tool
DTS-2 and MasterTest products provide active testing of on-site product performance.

DIN Rail

SPD Class I
OVR type 1 and type 1+2 are designed to discharge high current surges without any destruction of the installation. This surge protective device is characterized by its...
OVR type 2 and Type 2+3 are designed to protect electric installations and sensitive equipment against indirect surges with ensuring a low protection level (Up). It is...
OVR type 3 surge protective devices should be installed as close as possible to the sensitive equipment for protection. Tested with a 1,2/50 - 8/20 current combination wave...
OVR PV 1500
The photovoltaic market is on the way to move now to higher voltages beyond 1000V applications and so far the range available with us was composed of two ratings to fit 600V...
Tranquell* DIN Rail Mount Series
Type 2 surge protective device that is modular and easy to install. DIN Rail mount housing allows for quick installation.
TT Series DIN Rail Mount
China GB standard recognized GB 18802.1-2002 that is modular and easy to install.


OVRHTE Surge Protection
Sub and Mid-Level Distribution Surge Protective Devices – 1,000A and below
OVRHT3C Sub Distribution and Panelboard – 400A and below
OVRHT3C Sub Distribution and Panelboard – 400A and below
OVRHLD Surge Protection
Equipment Level Protection – 100A and below
OVRHS3U Surge Protection
Sub Distribution and Panelboard – 400A and below
High capacity Designed to protect against lightning-induced, transient surge conditions these Type 1 devices are ideally placed on switchboards, switchgear, transfer...
Tranquell* Series
Available in wall mount construction, as well as integrated within low voltage distribution equipment.
OVRHT3B Surge Protection
Sub Distribution and Panelboard – 400A and below

Joslyn Surge Protection

Joslyn Surgitron I Surge Protection
Joslyn Surgitron I - service entrance surge protection - modular design

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