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OVR RS485Q & SL RS485 Series

ABB OVR RS485Q & SL RS485 Series Din Rail SPD

Data Line Surge Protective Devices

ABB’s OVR RS485Q & SL RS485 Series of Surge Protective Devices make surge protection easy for data and signal applications. These UL 497B listed SPDs are specifically designed for RS 485 and Fieldbus applications, such as Profibus DP for protection against the damaging effects of surges caused by lightning, electrical surges, and more on data and signal lines.

Features & Benefits

  • Low let-through voltage and full mode protection design extends equipment lifetime from surges
  • A multi-stage protection module with a quick-release mechanism allows easy line commissioning and removal in the field
  • Space-saving design of OVR SL Slim and OVR Q Compact series units are ideal for multiple lines in tight installations
  • Optional LED light on SL models provides an easy indicator of surge protection operational status
  • Built-in DIN rail foot allows simple mounting is quick and easy, saving time and labor cost
  • Durable, flame retardant housing enhances the protection of sensitive equipment

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal voltage(1) 15V
  • Bandwidth (-3 dB 50 Ω system) 45 MHz
  • Temperature range -40 to +80 °C
  • Surge Current Rating (8/20 μs) 20kA per pair


  • Process automation systems
  • Security Systems
  • Control panels
  • Suitable for use in NFPA 780 Lightning Protection Systems
  • Other point-of-use applications

Certifications & Standards

  • UL 497B 4th Edition (UL File: QVGO:E240341)
  • NEC® 2020 Article 645
  • RoHS