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Elastimold Veri-Spike Grounding-aid Device

The new Elastimold™ Veri-Spike™ grounding-aid device provides a safe and quick method to verify if a system is de-energized before any maintenance begins. Safety solutions for all the right reasons.

Elastimold grounding innovation in tED Magazine pages 50-52

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The Elastimold Veri-Spike grounding-aid solution enables quick and safe verification of de-energization. Water-tight and shielded, Veri-Spike meets IEEE386 Standard for 15/25 kV and 35 kV applications.

Features and benefits

  • Helps ensure the system is 100% de-energized before work
  • Reduces outage times
  • Multiple 600 A cable accessories are available

  • 100% factory tested to IEEE 386 standard
  • Completely shielded and watertight EPDM material

  • Made for 15/25 kV and 35 kV classes
  • Cut or spike to verify system de-energization

Technical information

15/25 kV Class (5 kV-28 kV)Voltage ratings
  • 15/25 kV class (5 kV thru 28 kV)
  • 16.2 kV phase-to-ground
  • 125 kV BIL
  • 45 kV AC withstand
  • 21.5 kV corona extinction
Current ratings
  • 600 A continuous
  • 25 kA sym., 10 cycles
35 kV Class Voltage ratings
  • 21.1 kV phase-to-ground
  • 150 kV BIL
  • 50 kV AC withstand
  • 26 kV corona extinction

ABB Elastimold grounding solutions are designed with safety in mind. They help deliver durability, reliability, and performance for industrial, construction, communications, utilities, and OEM applications.

View the Medium Voltage Application Solution Illustration

Elastimold™ Veri-Spike™ grounding-aid device product brochure– NEW

Elastimold Veri-Spike grounding-aid device customer presentation – NEW


Elastimold Veri-Spike grounding-aid device installation

Elastimold Veri-Spike grounding-aid device installation