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Elastimold Underground Cable Accessories

Elastimold® Underground Cable Accessories has one of the largest product offerings in the industry of IEEE 200 Amp loadbreak and deadbreak and 600 Amp and 900 Amp medium voltage EPDM rubber molded products and epoxy components.

Elastimold grounding innovation in tED Magazine pages 50-52

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  • All products are manufactured in the USA in advanced facilities
  • Centralized stocking in the USA
  • 100% tested
  • Elastimold’s brand’s long, innovative history includes pioneering such products as extended, repair, and jacket seal elbows 
  • Elastimold’s accessories, available from 5-138 kV, are used to connect, ground, splice, terminate, and protect underground cable


  • Elastimold™ Veri-Spike™ grounding-aid device – NEW
  • 200 Amp Deadbreak Elbows
  • 200 Amp Loadbreak Elbows
  • 600 Amp Elbow Connectors
  • 600 Amp Separable Cable Joints
  • Cable Shield Adapters & Jacket Seals
  • ComboT™ Integral Separable Connectors
  • Distribution Shrink-fit Terminations
  • Equipment Bushings
  • Multi-point Junctions
  • Permanent Distribution Cable Joints
  • Pre-molded Terminations
  • Shielded Surge Arresters
  • Transmission Cable Accessory Installation Tools
  • Transmission Cable Joints
  • Transmission Cable Terminations

View the Medium Voltage Application Solution Illustration

Elastimold™ Veri-Spike™ grounding-aid device product brochure

Elastimold Veri-Spike grounding-aid device customer presentation

Elastimold Underground Cable Accessories catalog

Elastimold 200 Amp Loadbreak Elbow product brochure

Elastimold 200 Amp Loadbreak Elbows and Bushing Inserts product brochure

Elastimold Shielded Surge Arresters product brochure

Elastimold Advanced Connection System – Shear Bolt product brochure

Elastimold Grounding-aid Device product brochure

Elastimold 200 Amp Deadbreak Elbow 15/25 kV product brochure

Elastimold ComboT Integral Separable Connector product brochure

Elastimold IEC 250 Amp Deadbreak Elbow Connector product brochure

Elastimold 200 amp Loadbreak repair and replacement elbow connectors – brochure

Elastimold PCJ power cable joints – brochure

Elastimold 35kV GAD Solution for Utility case study

Elastimold Direct Test Access Port case study

Elastimold 600 Amp Replacement Elbow case study

Elastimold 600 Amp Spiking T-elbow case study

Elastimold 200 A Loadbreak repair and replacement elbows – case study

Elastimold Solving Partial Vacuum Effects with Vented Bushing Inserts case study

Elastimold 200 Amp Elbow cross reference

Elastimold Product Configurator

Elastimold Advanced shear bolt connection system


Elastimold Underground Accessories application pic

Elastimold Underground cable accessories installation