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Joslyn Hi-Voltage Air Break Switches

Joslyn Hi-Voltage load air switches are a cost effective attachment to convert an isolating switch into a load interrupter switch. Depending upon system voltage, grounding considerations of the system and the load and load characteristics, the Joslyn Hi-Voltage load air switch enables the switch to be used for full load interruption or for the reduced recovery voltage application of loop splitting or parallel switching.


  • Quick and cost effective conversion of existing switches - installation on most group-operated isolating switches
  • Wide operating range - May be used for full load interruption up to 34.5kV
  • Optional voltage limiter - Expands capability for transmission line charging current and transformer-magnetizing current interruption at voltages up to 72.5kV, in addition to providing 2,000 amp of loop splitting or parallel switching capability
  • Long, low maintenance service life - Virtually maintenance-free; requires only an inspection every 5 years or 5,000 operations


  • Series UVI velocity interrupter attachment
  • Series HVI hi-velocity load interrupter attachment
  • Series SLI load sectionalizer interrupter attachment
  • Series JMVI modular vac-rupter interrupter attachment for 230 kV systems

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