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T&B Industrial Fittings OEM Portal
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T&B Industrial Fittings are known for quality, reliability and innovation. And with the new T&B Industrial Fittings OEM Conversion Program, you can incorporate that quality, reliability and innovation into your products – and gain valuable business incentives to boost your bottom line.

The OEM conversion program offers you a Conversion Allowance to assist with costs associated with partnering with ABB, such as engineering changes to bills of materials and drawings, additional testing and amendments to existing certifications or files.

OEM program available through ELIP Platinum Distributors only.

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Work with your ABB Installation Products Technical Sales Specialist to fill out the Memorandum of Understanding regarding ongoing business for T&B Industrial Fittings. This will define the specific products, the annual opportunity, the distributor, an initial order, and the corresponding Conversion Allowance.

You will receive the Conversion Allowance as a discount off your initial order to the distributor for T&B Industrial Fittings.

Memorandum of Understanding


After receiving the initial order from the OEM and extending the agreed-upon Conversion Allowance to the OEM as a discount, use the following link to upload documentation of the initial order and the Conversion Allowance discount.

ABB Installation Products will then issue a credit to reimburse the distributor for the full amount of the Conversion Allowance extended to the OEM.

Distributor Reimbursement Form


ABB T&B® industrial fittings OEM conversion program


OEM conversion program brochure

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