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Tools and Calculators
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Tools and Calculators

Tools and Calculators

Tools that provide the information you need.
  • Electrical Distribution

  • Critical Power

    • Digital Power Insight*

      The Digital Power Insight (DPI) software suite along with GE’s latest Digital Point-of-Load (POL) modules and Digital Bus Converters allows customers to communicate with the modules via the PMBus interface without writing any software. With a set of three tools (command line interface based DPI-CLI, a simple, fixed-format graphical user interface DPI-GUI and the full-featured, multi-window ProGUI), the user has a range of user interfaces to match their development and testing needs. 

    • POL Voltage Setting & Tolerance Tool

      Helps designers set the output voltage of POL modules including trim resistor values; worst case static variation in the output voltage for a trim resistor; calculating the values of margining resistors; and selecting the external series resistor to program the output voltage to desired nominal, low and high values. Supports all Austin Lynx*, Lynx II*, TLynx*, DLynx* and NSR/NQR series of POL modules.

    • Power System Designer Tool

      For applications where multiple rails on a board need to be powered, the Power Module Wizard can evaluate different on-board powering architectures and provide a comparison of different approaches. By providing the relative efficiency, cost and board size needed by combinations of modules, including isolated and non-isolated, the user can quickly make the choice that best matches their needs.

    • Tunable Loop* Selection Tool

      The Tunable Loop* helps designers select output capacitors, and values of CTUNE and RTUNE for Tunable Loop* POLs for optimized performance and reduced output capacitance. Supports the TLynx*, DLynx* and NSR/NQR series of POL modules.

    • Power Module Wizard

      A free web-based tool that helps customers select the best GE Critical Power DC/DC module for their on-board powering application.

    • TLE Series UPS Energy Efficiency Calculator

      Select the TLE Series UPS you need and see the estimated cost savings compared to other UPS. 

    • UPS Runtime Calculator

      Calculate battery runtime for single phase UPS products.

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