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Improving availability, reliability, predictability and sustainability of your assets

In an ever-changing world, industries are facing fluctuating energy and operating costs and insecure energy supply while demand for electrification continues to increase. At the same time, companies are under pressure to cut emissions and evolve their business models as their electrical assets age and available investment is shrinking.

ABB Electrification Service partners with utility, industrial and commercial customers across all industries to manage their energy and electrical infrastructure as strategic operational assets in a safer, smarter, and more sustainable way.

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Did you know?

10 times

Running a piece of equipment to the point of failure could cost up to 10 times more than investing in a program of regular maintenance.

30 years

Upgrading outdated components is where businesses can achieve the largest carbon and cost savings, thus reducing the cost of operating equipment by a third and extending its lifecycle by as much as 30 years.


By replacing older, non-digital circuit breakers with more intelligent breakers, linked up to an advanced ABB monitoring system, some facilities have improved their energy capacity by up to 20% and reduced their operational costs by up to 30%.

Service offering

ABB Electrification Service is powering and protecting your world through reliable electrical products in sustainable ways. As electrical infrastructures age and new demands for power capacity increase, we provide the components that help safely power your world. ABB offers service, retrofits, and upgrades on installed equipment regardless of the manufacturer, as well as consulting services, power system studies, and turn-key project support.


ABB New service contract supports data center uptime
New service contract supports data center uptime

ABB Electrification Service is working with a flagship data center to lower operating costs and provide 24/7 critical cover to support uptime

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