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Steel City Floor Boxes

120 years of Steel City® innovation

Since 1904, Steel City® electrical solutions have been trusted by professionals. From boxes and fittings to floor boxes and covers. Today’s Steel City floor boxes and covers meet design and technical needs in concrete or raised floors in a diverse range of facilities, providing power and communications where they’re needed most. 

High Traffic? No Problem.

New Cerakote®-coated covers for Steel City® floor boxes withstand heavy foot traffic and rolling loads, look new longer, and help reduce maintenance and replacement costs.
Steel City electrical solutions are trusted for reliability. Now, they’re even tougher with Cerakote-coated floor box covers, offering superior durability in high-traffic applications like airports, arenas, schools, and commercial and retail centers. 
The UL-listed Steel City floor box covers with Cerakote coating are available in a matte black finish to complement a wide range of architectural styles and are compatible with popular Steel City floor box series: 
•    664 floor boxes
•    665 floor boxes
•    68-HP round floor boxes
•    RPT6 recessed poke-through boxes


Innovative — Steel City multi-service round and rectangular floor boxes accommodate power, data, voice and audiovisual (A/V) services in a single location for convenient access. 

Comprehensive — Steel City floor boxes and covers offer recessed or flush service in a variety of options for on- or above-grade concrete floors. Fire-rated poke-through and furniture-feed styles are also available. Access floor modules can be used with virtually any type of raised floor system.

Durable — Solid brass and aluminum covers for floor boxes and poke-through systems deliver a durable solution for demanding installations. For extra-heavy foot traffic areas, such as those found in airports, hotels, medical facilities, schools and retail centers, new Cerakote-coated solid aluminum floor box covers provide up to 5 times the wear resistance of standard powder-coated covers, improving aesthetics while helping reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Standards-compliant — Steel City floor box and covers are UL-listed and CSA certified or cULus listed.



Steel City offers a complete line of floor boxes and covers for your installation including:  
•    Above-Floor Service Fittings
•    Access Floor Modules
•    Flush Service Floor Boxes
•    Poke Through Systems
•    Recessed Service Floor Boxes

Concrete on-grade floors — recessed service
664-CI two-gang multi-service cast iron floor box with MopTite® metallic or non-metallic covers meets UL scrub water exclusion requirements for carpet, tile and wood. 665-CI four-gang multi-service cast iron floor box. Cerakote-coated solid aluminum cover option for extra wear resistance in high-traffic areas available in matte black cover for both 664 and 665 series. 

Concrete on-grade floors — flush service
640 and 840 series round cast iron floor boxes are available in one-, two- or three-gang sizes to accommodate power, communications and data in one floor box. MopTite covers are available in brass or aluminum.

Concrete on- or above-grade floors — flush service
68-P and 68-HP round non-metallic multi-service floor boxes offer high-strength rigid PVC construction and easy installation. The 68-HP three-gang round floor box for power, data and A/V includes options for solid brass, solid aluminum and solid aluminum with powder-coat finish or the new solid aluminum Cerakote-coated cover for extra durability to stand up to heavy foot traffic.

Concrete above-grade floors — recessed service
Steel City floor boxes and covers offering recessed service in above-grade floors include 663-SC two-gang, 664-SC/664-S two-gang, 665-SC/665-AV four-gang, 667-SC eight-gang and 668-S four-gang in stamped-steel construction. MopTite covers are available for all except the 663-SC.

Concrete above-grade floors — flush service
The 68 series, 740 series one-, two- and three-gang floor and 88 series floor boxes all come in stamped steel construction with MopTite cover options available for all.

Concrete floors — fire-rated poke-through and furniture-feed systems
The FPT series poke-through offers flush service and an economical solution for installing a duplex receptacle in an existing carpeted, concrete floor. Solid brass, solid aluminum and non-metallic cover options are available. RPT6 and RPT8 series recessed poke-through boxes offer a high-capacity solution for power and communications in a single-core drill location. The RPT6 includes the option for a Cerakote-coated solid aluminum cover for superior wear resistance in high-traffic areas. The FPT pedestal series mounts outlets above floor level at a 90-degree angle to protect them from dirt and debris. FPT and FFPT series provide a variety of options for feeding modular office future.

Raised floors — access floor modules
Steel City access floor modules eliminate the clutter of power, voice and data lines by keeping everything out of sight but conveniently close at hand. These easy-to-install access floor modules can be used with virtually any type of raised floor and are designed to blend with any decor, providing the durability and flexibility to meet the demands of today’s high-tech offices.

Wood floors — residential and light commercial
ABB’s Steel City and Carlon® brands offer round and rectangular options for wood floor installations in residential and light commercial. The 68R is a recessed round box with power and data options. The E976RFB is a gangable rectangular solution. Carlon B121BF and B234BF are rectangular one- and two-gang floor boxes for residential projects, and the Carlon 971FB is an easily installed round, drop-in floor box.