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NEMA defines a busway as a prefabricated electrical distribution system consisting of bus bars in a protective enclosure, including straight lengths, fittings, devices and accessories. In electric power distribution, a bus duct, or busway, is used to conduct electricity to power cables or cable buses.

Commercial & Industrial Grade

Custom-designed, modular electrical power distribution system available in both feeder and plug-in styles, up to 5000 A.

Heavy Industrial & Utility Grade

Metal Enclosed Bus Duct provides cost effective means to coordinate substation equipment. Available from 600 to 34,500V and 1200 to 6000A.

Previous Generation Busway

Power source for small machinery, portable electric tools and lights.
Documentation related to earlier generations of LTG* busway.
Feeder and plug-in styles, up to 600V, from 225 to 5000A.
Small to medium commercial & industrial applications.