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ReliaGear™ busway
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ReliaGear™ busway

Lighter, smaller, easier to modify


ReliaGear busway combines benefits of the proven Spectra™ series busway, the sophisticated technology of the SACE® Tmax® XT circuit breaker breaker, and fused OT/OS switch in a plug-in unit and (PTO) with SACE® Tmax® and Power Break® II circuit breakers.


With a sleek modern look, ReliaGear busway is a custom designed, modular electrical power distribution system available in both feeder and plug-in styles, up to 5000 A. 


Lighter because it replaces the typical heavy wire and conduit used in most applications making it easier to handle and hang.


Smaller with a compact design ideal for applications where space is critical.


Easier to install

Easier to modify due to its flexible modular design; busway runs can be easily added, disassembled, and relocated with minimal effort. 

Features and Benefits

  • ReliaGear busway dimensions begin at 4.5" x 4.4" for 225-800 ampere ratings, and range up to 4.5" x 29.75" for the highest ratings. A single droprod hanger per 10-foot section can be used for ratings up to 2000 A for aluminum busway and 2500 A for copper busway.
  • Aluminum busway dramatically saves on structural weight, allowing more efficient distribution designs and helping reduce installation time.
  • Lightweight aluminum housing allows for safe, easy installation.
  • Standard double-headed bolts with bright red indicator label provide visual indication of tightened joints.
  • Optional Joint-Guard protection simplifies periodic maintenance by indicating when a joint needs tightening.
  • SACE® Tmax® XT circuit breakers and Ekip trip units provide accurate protection, metering, and enhanced communication capabilities. 
  • Exclusive Blue Coat epoxy insulation provides the industry's longest insulation life of 50+ years, helps reduce risk of failure, and helps enable performance across a wide temperature spectrum.

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