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Kopex-Ex Explosion & Hazardous Conduit System

Kopex-Ex flexible conduit systems deliver significant safety benefits across a range of industries where hazardous areas exist or hazardous manufacturing processes are performed: Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries.

Kopex®  high-performance products include metallic and non-metallic conduit, fittings and accessories for harsh and hazardous locations.


  • Designed for Demanding Uses: Kopex products address the needs of demanding markets such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and offshore work.
  • Global Specification Compliance: Meets ATEX, IECEx, UL or CSA requirements
  • Complete Solutions: Full range of accessories available with different thread type options.

Products in portfolio

  • Armored and Non-Armored Cable Glands
  • Liquidtight Hazardous Location Glands
  • Enlargers, Reducers & Thread Converters
  • Index Exe Cable Glands, Couplers, Sealing Washers & Locknuts
  • Liquidtight Flexible Metallic Conduits
  • Liquidtight Flexible Non-Metallic Fittings & Conduit
  • Stopping Plugs


  • Oil and Gas
  • Food and Beverage
  • Chemical and Pharmaceuticals