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PMA Cable Protection

PMA offers a large range of very different mono- and multilayer conduit types that fulfill high technical demands. Conduit sizes range from 4.5 mm to 125 mm diameters, from lightweight to heavyweight and from pliable to highly flexible.

Many conduits are specially approved, e.g. CSA, UL Recognition, NFR, SNCF, DB, etc.


  • A safe, reliable system that is easy to install
  • Vibration-proof connections
  • System connection strength
  • Ingress protection conforming to recognized test methods
  • High impact strength even at low temperatures
  • High compression strength (peak load)
  • Long-term reversed-bending resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Fire protection (flammability and smoke generation)
  • Good weather resistance
  • Long wearing 

Conduits to protect cables. We offer many different conduit types for diverse applications with various technical requirements.


EMC System
This product line contains metal braids made of tin-plated copper and hybrid braids made of tin-plated copper wires mixed with polyester monofilament. Fittings are made of nickel plated aluminium or nickel plated brass. The braids are designed to provide protection against electromagnetic interferences.

The ideal solution for repairs, retrofit and pre-loomed applications. Main characteristics of these new products are: Divisible, one-piece design, simple, fast, for retrofit and pre-loomed applications, modern and functional design, excellent price/performance ratio.

Meets the highest expectations IP68 + IP69K. It is based on a perfected system technology that makes installation easy. You can choose from a very large, varied range of connectors and conduit which have demonstrated their dependability in all types of applications for more than 30 years.

PMAFIX PLUS Connectors used with PMAFLEX PLUS

Brand new conduits for previously unattained performance levels.

PMAFLEX Multilayer
This range offers multilayer conduits for demanding technical applications and special requirements.

The new PMAFLEX multilayer conduits (X-Series) are based upon advanced Multi-Layer-Extrusion technology allowing the manufacture of three layer corrugated conduits combining the best characteristics of different materials on inner and outer layers.

This line – best selling and very popular – offers more than 30 different conduit types for a variety of cable protection applications.

PMA Divisible System

Divisible conduits for repairs, retrofit and pre-loomed applications.

PMA Smart Line
Conduits with an excellent price/performance ratio for various applications.

PMA Ex-System
The first polyamide multilayer conduit for explosion endangered zones 1/2 (gas) and 21/22 (dust) according to Atex 95.

PMAFLEX over-extruded conduit
Overextruded multilayer conduit offers assured protection wherever there are stricter requirements for cleanability or protection.