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E90 Fuse Holders

E90 fuse holders and fuse switch disconnectors provide protection against short-circuits and overloads. The fuse disconnector can be sealed or padlocked to ensure the operator’s safety during maintenance. Versions with blown-fuse indicators enable you to check whether the fuse is still working correctly or not.

Features and benefits

The compact dimensions allow the switchboard door to close even when the fuse holder is open, ensuring total safety during maintenance.

Venting grooves and cooling chambers improve heat dissipation even in multiple-pole configurations.

The fuse tripping can be easily displayed, thanks to the special blown fuse indicator light.

Universal use
Screw holes have increased diameter to accommodate insulated screwdrivers and electric screwdrivers.

Product Scope

  • Midget fuse holders
  • Class CC fuse holders
  • Class J fuse holders
  • PV fuse holders up to 1500 VDC