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R-MAG Magnetic Circuit Breaker

R-MAG® magnetically actuated dead tank outdoor vacuum circuit breaker 

R-MAG outdoor breakers are designed with a maintenance-free, magnetically actuated mechanism to provide unparalleled reliability and safety in the field. The streamlined design enables easier integration and reduces training time for new users.


  • Compatible for overcurrent, reclosing and control functions
  • Reduced maintenance with magnetic actuator and easy plug-and-play actuator circuitry
  • Durable design exceeds ANSI C37.06 standard with a rating of 10,000 mechanical or load operations


  • Dead tank solution
  • Designed and type tested based on latest ANSI standards
  • 15/27/38 kV rating classes and up to 3,700 A continuous current
  • Up to 40 kA short-circuit interrupting current
  • Five-year full warranty


  • Minimized potential points of failure by having only one moving part in the magnetic actuator operating system
  • Magnetic actuator is rated for 100,000 operations for the 15-27 kV R-MAGs and 50,000 operations for the 38 kV R-MAG
  • ABB world-leading vacuum interrupters rated for 30,000 full load operations
  • Tested for reliability in any environmental conditions from -50°C to +70°C

Easy Integration

  • Back-up battery footprint reduced by 90%
  • Only 8 seconds charging time from 1-100%; no pre-charge period is required, regardless of extended unutilized time in the yard
  • Flexible solution for any type of relay, control, and test switches
  • Up to 3 CTs, rated for both metering and/or protection, per bushing

Reduced Operation & Maintenance

  • Shorter inspection times and longer maintenance intervals up to 10 years, as there are no coils or motors to replace and there is no gas or oil
  • Reduced spare parts inventory
  • Plug and play design of the ED2 electronic control board for rapid replacement in the field