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ABB-Welcome Video Indoor Station 4.3, WiFi

The video indoor station 4.3 including WiFi connection is the latest addition to the ABB-Welcome door communication world. With its impressive design, white color, and simplicity of use, it is the perfect choice for your comfortable living room.

Thanks to the intuitive design, all functionalities are only a fingertip away, with additional programmable buttons enabling flexible customization to cover all your needs. ABB-Welcome video indoor station 4.3 solution provides the best level of security for your network and data while protecting your home and your family’s well-being.



  • Intuitive graphical user interface, with unique thin design
  • Crystal-clear picture quality with high color fidelity and wider viewing angles
  • Intuitive touch buttons make sure you don’t miss any calls or press wrong buttons
  • Additional programmable buttons for flexible customization of functionalities, e.g. manage garage door
  • Comfortable living style with 18mm slim thickness

Ease & Simplicity

  • Easy and simple configuration using the APP
  • Pair your mobile with the installed panel and allow each family member to accept the call by mobile phone
  • User-friendly design, intuitive and simple to commission by scanning QR code
  • Easy to configure indoor station via mobile phone


  • Best level of protection for people, network and data
  • The ABB security solution will detect and remove threats and help you keep your software updated for the best level of protection
  • Protection against unauthorized access thanks to data encryption, secured password & images of your personal documents
  • Take control of your own data – you decide who gets to use it and how.


  • Intuitive GUI on 4.3” IPS screen with wider viewing angles
  • Intuitive button layout with separate “call” & “unlock” button to avoid mis-operation on the small size panel. With separate mechanical “setting” button, easy to touch
  • WiFi network connection & parameters of panel can be configured through ABB-Welcome APP following wizard design
  • APP pairing process is easy: scan the QR code for the first mobile device and click the “pair” button for additional mobile devices
  • Up to 8 mobile devices can be paired with one panel through the same MyBuildings account login
  • Remote firmware update through ABB-Welcome APP