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CM-TCN Temperature Monitoring Relays

The innovative CM-TCN temperature monitoring relays can be configured either via a back-​lit LCD or smartphone app. Parametrization and configuration are just one touch away with the ABB EPiC app – even in a non-​powered state – reducing installation time by 80%. And with just one relay covering a wide range of application, stocks can be reduced significantly, making ABB’s Smart monitoring relays a true game changer.

The well-established and proven CM-TCS range monitors and measures the temperatures of solids, liquids and gaseous media using a variety of different sensors. Overtemperature and undertemperature monitoring as well as open- or closed-circuit principle monitoring can be configured for any device quickly and easily.  When the temperature falls below or exceeds the set threshold value, output relays change position according to your configured functionality and the front-face LEDs show the current status.

One look to have all information needed: Back-​lit LCD for easy reading and parametrization
Everything you need at a glance: the LCD at the front of the relay shows the currently measured values and maintenance data. And with just one push, the symbol-​based menu structure can be accessed via the push-​rotate button. Simply set the thresholds and parameters with the help of an intuitive and future-​ready interface.

One touch to set up 80 % faster: NFC parametrization via smartphone app
One touch is all that is needed for fast, easy and intuitive configuration with the ABB EPiC smartphone app. Simply touch the relay with your mobile phone: Parameter settings can be edited and stored in the app and then copied to different devices, even if they are not in the powered state. Available in a range of different languages, installation and configuration have never been so easy.

One device for a wide range of applications: Eliminate the need for different devices
Eliminate the need for different devices: the relays are configurable over a wide setting range and can be adjusted flexibly no matter the thresholds, time values or other settings. Predefined settings for key applications, space for user-​defined settings, parameter storage and transfer to different devices allow fast and simple commissioning. Upload parameter sets into the cloud or distribute them globally within seconds, for example by email, reduces logistics and inventory costs.