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Elastimold Solid Dielectric Reclosers
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Elastimold Solid Dielectric Reclosers

Elastimold® molded vacuum reclosers are built for the evolving smart grid with integral load-side voltage sensors and provision to add optimal source-side voltage sensors.

Benefits & News

  • Smart - Built for the evolving Smart Grid with integral load-side voltage sensors and provision to add optional source-side voltage sensors. Compatible with industry-leading control brands (inc. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Beckwith Electric and GE).


  • Light - The three-phase Elastimold recloser weighs up to 30% less than typical reclosers, making it easier and safer to install.


  • Flexible - The Elastimold recloser is modular, making field upgrades and retrofits fast and easy. The single-phase recloser has a pole-rotation mounting bracket for easier installation. Three-Phase or triple-single phase configurations are also available.


  • Innovative - Simple, maintenance-free magnetic actuator mechanism increases reliability, and 360° position indicator view


The future isn’t written - When it comes to the connection, protection and distribution of electrical power, ABB is writing the future today.



  • Single-phase
  • Three-phase


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Elastimold solid dielectric reclosers
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