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Elastimold™ Tru-Break™ Switchgear Module
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Elastimold™ Tru-Break™ Switchgear Module

Elastimold™ solid-dielectric molded vacuum switches, interrupters and switchgear are now available with the Tru-Break™ switchgear module that makes it easy for linemen to switch the handle to the open position and visually verify the isolating gap in the conducting path.



  • Dead-front construction with clear visual verification of circuit isolation.
  • The positive-latching handle ensures that the unit is in a fully open or fully closed position.
  • EPDM rubber eliminates the need for venting ports required with rigid epoxy constructions.





  • Uses a proprietary EPDM rubber formulation – field-proven for over 50 years – on a solid-dielectric platform.
  • Uses silicone diaphragm and air as an insulating medium.
  • Maintenance-free operation – no oil or gas.*





  • Rated for use with 15-29.3 kV, 630 A, 20 kA systems.
  • Rugged and submersible for multiway pad-mount or vault applications.
  • Compact size minimizes impact to switchgear footprint.



*Tru-Break switchgear module is considered maintenance-free because it contains no oil or gas to monitor or maintain.



Downloads and links

Brochure - Elastimold Tru-Break switchgear product brochure


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Application of Products in the Environment

Elastimold Tru-Break switchgear module, Direct test access port, and Grounding aid device installation.


Elastimold Tru-Break switchgear module, Direct test access port, and Grounding aid device installation.

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