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Hi-Tech Current-limiting Fuses

Hi-Tech® is an industry brand of current-limiting fuses with advanced designs to provide superior protection in small, cost-efficient form factors to optimize value, reliability and reduce system lifecycle costs. With fault-clearing capabilities in less than one-half cycle, Hi-Tech current limiting fuses reduce the let-through energy, significantly reducing equipment stress and increasing safety. 


Benefits & News

  • 100% factory tested and sealed for a long and reliable operating life
  • Some of the lowest current let-through values in the industry for increased protection
  • Rugged machined-brass end caps used for greater ferrule strength, resulting in less distortion and a more secure fuse attachment.
  • Damage sensor significantly reduces the risk of fuse failure


  • Hi-Tech Valiant™ full-range current-limiting fuse for fire mitigation - incorporates over 20 years of field-tested Hi-Tech full-range fuse technology combined with a new visual indicating mechanism, damage sensor, and engagement pin for effortless vertical and rotational alignment.
  • Hi-Tech OS Series Back-up Current-Limiting Fuses - Designed to enhance protection on overhead distribution systems.
  • Hi-Tech EXT Series Back-up Current-Limiting Fuses - Designed for installation in wet well fuse holders for oil filled pad-mounted switchgear and transformer applications.
  • Hi-Tech FX Series Full-range Current-Limiting Fuses - Provides both low and high current fault protection in a single, compact fuse body.
  • Hi-Tech EX Series Full-range Current-Limiting Fuses - Provides both overload and fault current protection for distribution equipment in a single fuse body. 
  • Hi-Tech SX Series Full-range Current-Limiting Fuses - Capable of interrupting any continuous current between the minimum current that can cause melting of its elements and its rated maximum interrupting current.

Catalogs & Brochures

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