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Fusible Main Switch Modules

Fusible Main Switch Modules
Serves as a single point of disconnect and overcurrent protection.

Fusible Main Switch Modules
When greater than six branch circuits are required, the NEC requires a main disconnect and overcurrent protection device ahead of the meters. A Fusible Main Switch Module serves as this single point of disconnect and overcurrent protection. A Fusible Main Switch Module consists of a fused switch, bussing and connectors to allow meter modules to be added to the left and/or the right of the unit.

Key Benefits

  • Fast protection
  • The go-to choice for fusible solutions
  • Future-proof design that allows for additional units to be added to system

Key Features

  • Main lugs and neutral included with each device
  • Fuses not included
  • Top feed or bottom feed
  • Optional NEMA 2-Hole spacing compression lug landing kit available
  • Includes left and right horizontal bus covers

Technical Specifications

  • 100,000 AIC rating on switches with class T fuses
  • Available in these main ampere ratings: 400, 600, 800, 1200, 1600, 2000
  • 1PH or 3PH designs


UL Listed, 1-phase and 3-phase


  • Multi-family apartments
  • Multi-family mixed-use
  • Light commercial