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Power Conditioning


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BuyLog Catalog - PCS section

Power Conditioning

Transmission and distribution system operators, utilities and industrial end-users know how strongly power fluctuations and disturbances affect the power grid. Based on the high-performance power electronics technologies, ABB's power protection products help to improve the quality of the power grid, which directly affects the profitability of network operators and industrial end-users.

Power range 150 kva, 225 kVA, and 300 kVA available at 208VAC or 480VAC, UL listed. Responds to voltage sags or swells within several milliseconds and injects up to 40…
225 kVA – 3600 kVA available at 220 V - 480 V, 3-phase ensures continuous flow of power, even during grid disturbances. UL site certification is available.    …
ABB’s PCS100 Static Frequency Converter allows the interconnection of grid systems with varying frequencies, offering the ideal solution for plant relocation and testing…