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High-efficiency power supply fit for machine builder applications

Designed for a huge variety of applications, including machine building segments, this advanced range boosts an integrated 150 % power reserve for five seconds and operates at an efficiency of up to 94 %. With overheat protection, active power factor correction, a broad certified AC and DC input range and extensive worldwide approvals including marine, the all-new CP-S.1 power supplies are a preferred choice for multiple industrial applications.


  • Power reserve and switching of high peak currents keep your application running
  • Capacitive loads with high inrushes starting reliably
  • Reduction of operating cost due to high efficiency
  • Reliable in marine applications in all locations on a ship
  • Reduction of panel space needed due to new compact design
  • Additional redundancy unit CP-C.1-A-RU available to establish true redundancy


  • Output voltage 24 V DC/ output current 3 A, 5 A, 10 A, 20 A and 40A
  • Rated output power 72 W, 120 W, 240 W, 480 W, and 960W
  • High efficiency up to 94 %
  • Power reserve design delivers 150 % for up to 5s
  • Ambient temperature range during operation -25…+70°C
  • Coated PCBA