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THQLSURGE2 Surge Protective Device

THQLSURGE2 - ABB Residential Surge Protective Device (SPD)

THQLSURGE2 is a Type 1 plug-on SPD that helps protect entire homes or offices’ electronics and appliances against damaging power surges. It can be installed at service entrances, subpanel locations, or inside PowerMark™ PRO load centers, providing surge protection for the entire panel and all attached loads. THQLSURGE2 is reliable, compact, and easy to install.  Plus, it complies with SPD requirements noted in NEC 2023.

Features and benefits

  • Type 1 SPD
  • Simple plug-on design
  • LED light indicating proper functioning
  • Compatible with PowerMark™ PRO load centers
  • Meets the surge requirements of NEC 2023 Art.230.67
  • 3-years, up to $25,000 connected equipment warranty valid in the U.S.

Technical specifications

  • 25kA per phase protection
  • Type 1 SPD
  • 120/240V
  • SCCR tested up to 22kA
  • 10kA Nominal discharge
  • 50-60Hz Operating frequency
  • Up to 25,000 ampere surge capacity per phase


  • New home construction (single or multi-family)
  • Renovations

Certification and standards

  • NEC 2023 – 230.67
  • UL 1449 5th edition