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Circuit Breakers

Residential Circuit Breakers

Residential Circuit Breakers
Residential Main Circuit Breakers
100 to 225A. THQM main breakers are configured to allow top or bottom feed without modification.
Feeder Plug-in Circuit Breakers
15 to 200A. Choose from 1/2" THQP or 1" THQL breakers with options for 1 to 3 poles. THQP breakers allow the use of smaller load centers.
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI)
Branch/Feeder AFCI, 15 to 20 amp, 1", 1 or 2 pole
 Residential Circuit Breakers - Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter with Self-Test (GFCI)
This GFCI includes self-test functionality required by UL which automatically runs diagnostic testing on a periodic basis.
Dual Function GFCI/AFCI Ground Fault & Combination Arc Fault Circuit
Dual function circuit interrupters utilize both GFCI and AFCI detection technology.

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