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Circuit Breakers

Residential Circuit Breakers

Residential Circuit Breakers
Residential Main Circuit Breakers
100 to 225A. THQMV Main breakers are configured to allow top or bottom feed without modification and can be added to PowerMark Gold convertible (TLM) load centers.
Feeder Plug-in Circuit Breakers
15 to 200A. Choose from 1/2" THQP or 1" THQL breakers with options for 1 to 3 poles. THQP breakers allow the use of smaller load centers.
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI)
AFCI is a compact and easy to install solution designed to eliminate Arc faults. AFCI has the flexibility to address shared and mixed neutrals.
Residential circuit breaker GFCI
GFCI protects against overloads, short circuits, and ground faults by detecting very low levels of electrical current leakage and shutting off power.
ABB Dual Function Circuit Interrupter DFCI
DFCI combines both Ground Fault and Combination Arc Fault (GFCI & AFCI) protection in a simple to apply and cost-effective solution.

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