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HPC High Pressure
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HPC High Pressure

Production of this product has ceased as of June 2014 and all outstanding orders will be converted to HPC II automatically.  


See information about the HPC*, New Generation, High Pressure Contact Fusible Switch.  Go to this page for a cross reference to get new catalog numbers. 

Features and Benefits

  • Top or Bottom Feed
    800-4000 Amperes 600 Volts ac Max.
  • High Durability-Safety of Operation
    High-dielectric strength, glass reinforced insulating case.
  • High Interrupting Capability
    Arc chute of unique construction suppresses arcs and cools gases rapidly, providing quick arc interruption and extended switch life.
  • High Transient Voltage Withstandability
    Interphase partitions mesh with switch cover to completely isolate each pole.
  • Extended Switch Life
    Preloaded constant pressure pivot eliminates braid whip and fraying on high short circuit currents and repeated operations.
  • Positive "ON-OFF" Indication
    Green (OFF), Red (ON), eliminates any question about the position of the switch contacts.
  • Easy Operation-Quick Make
    Extra heavy duty, low torque rotary operated closing mechanism. L-handle 800-1600A. T-handle 2000-4000A.
  • Emergency Open-Quick Break
    Finger-tip "OFF" button instantly opens the switch contacts.
  • Positive Door and Switch Interlocking
    Separate fuse access door is not required.
  • Fuse Mounting Bolts with Captive Washers for Ease of Mounting Fuses
  • Padlocking Provisions Standard


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