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HPC High Pressure Contact Switch

High Pressure Contact Switches with ArcWatch* Technology!

The High Pressure Contact (HPC) switch has been demonstrated to be a superior switching device when compared to bolted pressure switches due to the exceptional contact design. The new generation HPC switch is based on the time-proven platform of the Power Break* II circuit breaker. Now, it’s ArcWatch-enabled to provide a better Arc Flash hazard mitigation solution!

The new generation HPC builds on the abilities of the original HPC by utilizing the features of the Power Break II (PBII) circuit breaker. 

In addition, the new generation HPC utilizes the EntelliGuard* control unit which incorporates many of the features of the EntelliGuard Trip Unit for our circuit breakers.

The new generation HPC switch is available in frame ratings of 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3000 and 4000A, both top and bottom feed, with IC ratings to 200kA with the appropriate UL Class L fuses.

The new generation HPC switch is available for new installations and for retrofit, to replace the older GE HPC.  By retrofitting with the new generation HPC switch, remote operation of the switch through the motor operators, shunt trips with lockouts, RELT and the Adjustable IOC for continuous reduced incident energy can be added in the same footprint as that of the older existing switch.

Features & Benefits

  • Top or Bottom Feed
    800-4000 Amperes 600 Volts ac Max.
  • High Durability-Safety of Operation
    High-dielectric strength, glass reinforced insulating case.
  • High Interrupting Capability
    Arc chute of unique construction suppresses arcs and cools gases rapidly, providing quick arc interruption and extended switch life.
  • High Transient Voltage Withstandability
    Interphase partitions mesh with switch cover to completely isolate each pole.
  • Extended Switch Life
    Preloaded constant pressure pivot eliminates braid whip and fraying on high short circuit currents and repeated operations.
  • Positive "ON-OFF" Indication
    Green (OFF), Red (ON), eliminates any question about the position of the switch contacts.
  • Easy Operation-Quick Make
  • Emergency Open-Quick Break
    Finger-tip "OFF" button instantly opens the switch contacts.
  • Fuse Mounting Bolts with Captive Washers for Ease of Mounting Fuses
  • Padlocking Provisions Standard