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Switches & Disconnects

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AC Disconnects

Versatile in application - use with air conditioners, water heaters etc.
Fusible and Non-Fusible AC Disconnects allow you to easily and safely disconnect the power to your AC units as needed for maintenance.

Elevator Switches

Most commonly used for elevator shafts and machine rooms to remotely disconnect main power prior to the activation of a sprinkler system

Medium Voltage Grounding Switches

A compact, snap action grounding switch designed to conduct the rated short-circuit current when closed under load, rated voltage up to 40,5 kV, short-circuit current up to…
With fault making capacity used for short-circuiting and earthing grids that have been disconnected from the power supply; rated voltage 12-24 kV, current up to 100 kA

Medium Voltage Indoor Switches & Disconnectors

VersaRupter switch-disconnector uses a puffer and nozzle system to efficiently extinguish the arc of full-load interruptions, voltage up to 38 kV, current up to 1200 A.
Medium voltage indoor dry-air diode-based capacitor switch with servomotors actuation for capacitor banks up to 17.5 kV, 630 A, 20 kA
These load break switches represent an attractive solution for applications in enclosed switchgear and compact transformer stations
Developed specifically for protection of transformers in the wind power industry, adapted to 36 kV with high breaking capabilities 31.5 kA (peak 79 kA)
Medium voltage indoor gas-insulated load break switch for secondary distribution up to 24 kV, 800 A, 25 kA
A robust indoor disconnector that ensures high short-circuit strength due to direct current paths, double-knife design, and cast resin isolators; ratings of 1-24 kV, 630-4000…
A one or three-phase disconnector used for closing and opening electrical circuits in off-load state, rated voltage: 7.2-36 kV, rated current: 630-1600 A, up to 31.5kA 1s
High current indoor disconnector used for closing and opening electrical circuits in off-load state, rated voltage: 1.2-24 kV, rated current: 630-4000 A, up to 80kA 1s.

High Pressure Contact Switches

Frame ratings of 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3000 and 4000A, both top and bottom feed, with IC ratings to 200kA with the appropriate UL Class L fuses.

Outdoor Overhead Disconnect Switches

Used to sectionalize or isolate circuits on electrical distribution systems up through 38 kV
Provides an economical means for bypassing and disconnecting reclosers or regulators
Used as a single-phase disconnector on overhead distribution feeders and in outdoor distribution substations
Used as a disconnect on overhead distribution feeders and in outdoor distribution substations; self-contained load break

Rotary Enclosed Switches

The eOT series of rotary enclosed switches are suitable for use as motor disconnects.

Rotary Disconnects

Manually operated switch fuses from 20 to 1250 Amperes, available for all types of fuses: DIN, BS, NFC, CC, JJ, and L types.
Non-fusible Disconnects are a high performance, compact solution.
ABB offers a wide variety of manual change-over switches, from 16 to 3200 Amperes in range. Manual change-over switches are available with three different transition types;…
The OTDC range of switch-disconnectors from 16 to 1600 Amperes is specially designed for DC applications. Thanks to a compact design, efficiency, and reliability, OTDC…

Safety Switches

Type TG general duty safety switches are designed for residential and light commercial applications where duty is not severe.
Type TH heavy duty safety switches are designed for commercial and industrial applications where safety, high performance and continuity of service are essential.
Type TC and TDT double-throw safety switches are designed for applications with two sources of power where safety, high performance and continuity of service are essential.
Type TC emergency power transfer switches are designed to permit the connection of power from a standby generator or other emergency source of electricity.

Previous Generation Switches & Disconnects