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MegaFlex UL

MegaFlex UL uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is designed for critical high-density computing environments such as large enterprises, colocation, hosting cloud, and telecommunications data centers.

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The MegaFlex UL UPS represents the latest technological innovation in the market, delivering the best and most reliable power protection for large infrastructures. The UPS is a three-phase, 480V double conversion uninterruptible power supply.

Its topology is monolithic based, utilizing 400 kW power modules with power availability from 1,200 to 1,600 kW in one UPS cabinet configuration. MegaFlex UL is flexible system architecture ready and supports N+1, 2N, 2N+1, N+N, 3N/2, and catcher system configurations.

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As a market leader in UPS technology, ABB MegaFlex UL UPS offers:
  • 1,600 kW smart, scalable, and flexible power on business demand
  • High energy efficiency operations in eBoost mode, up to 99%
  • 40% Footprint savings inside the high-density computing rooms
  • 15 years of design life reducing the cost of system replacements over the infrastructure lifespan
  • 25% reduced energy consumption kWh over the product lifespan
  • 1,000 tons C02 emissions reduction over the product lifespan

Features and benefits

Flexible approach
  • Single module capacity from 1,200 kW to 1,600 kW; core power blocks of 400 kW
  • Redundant parallel architecture with distributed static bypass
  • Multi-module ready offering: N+1, 2N, 2N+1, N+N, 3N/2, and a distributed redundant catcher design
  • Collaborative, customer-centered approach
Optimized efficiency
  • Minimized energy losses, heat dissipation, and electricity cost in double conversion, up to 97%
  • High energy efficiency operations in eBoost mode, up to 99%
Reliable operations
  • RPA technology eliminates single points of failure in parallel systems
  • Ease of operation with local and remote real-time monitoring
  • Proven high-power transformerless technology
World-class innovation
  • Proven technology from world-leading R&D experts
  • Power conversion technology for high power density
  • eBoost (VFD) mode for premium efficiency
Simple installation and serviceability
  • Easy front and top service access
  • Modular sub-assemblies facilitate ease of service and lower MTTR
  • Fast consumable replacement -all accessories in one cabinet
  • Remote UPS monitoring
  • Consumable parts design life up to 15 years
Ultimate space and energy savings
  • Market-leading maximization of power density
  • Up to 40 percent footprint savings inside high-density computing rooms
  • 25 percent reduced energy consumption kWh over the product lifespan

ABB MegaFlex UL UPS is based on ABB’s redundant parallel architecture™ (RPA) allowing the UPS to run in a parallel arrangement, eliminating any single point of failure with true redundancy. RPA reduces operating footprint and provides a scalable paralleling approach that increases system reliability. It also eliminates the need for external paralleling equipment or centralized bypass and master control.