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MCC Nuclear Qualified Replacement Units

MCC Nuclear Qualified Replacement Units

ABB MCC lineups are designed to provide decades of service in a wide variety of applications. During the equipment’s lifespan, a customer may modify or expand facilities, requiring a need to change buckets within lineups. New buckets are available for 7700, 8000 and Spectra MCC. 8000 buckets are compatible with 7700 and Spectra MCCs. Evolution E9000 and ReliaGear LV MCC are compatible.

ABB has completed qualification and dedication projects for these MCC buckets with both the Spectra™ and SACE® Tmax® XT molded case circuit breakers. Other major components include 300 Line starter, CPT, A3 pilot devices and control relays.

Custom engineered buckets are available to closely match original equipment in size and functionality.

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Features and benefits

  • OEM designed for compatibility with existing MCC cabinetry (repair or upgrade), 7700, Spectra, and 8000
  • Circuit breaker replaced with ABB's Tmax XT with the latest technology
  • Rotary operating handle replaces toggle handle in Tmax XT application
  • Upgraded wiring harness
  • Feeders, FVNR, FVR, 2S1W and 2S2W
  • Pluggable buckets from 6" to 48"
  • Modern circuit breaker meets 2022 UL requirements
  • Custom engineered buckets available to meet customer-specific requirements
  • Existing UL 845 MCC ratings maintained