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Upgrade, Retrofit & Retrofill

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) - Upgrade, Retrofit & Retrofill

Upgrade solution for  legacy-Zenith ZTG, ZTS, and ZBTS automatic transfer switches that used the MX150 and MX250 controllers.

Circuit Breakers - Upgrade, Retrofit & Retrofill

Direct replacement circuit breakers are interchangeable and can be inserted directly into existing switchgear
Serves the needs of end-users with both fixed-mounted and draw-out versions of the Power Break I breakers. Field upgradeable to EntelliGuard* TU trip unit.
Advanced retrofill solutions for AK, AKR, WavePro power circuit breakers
Retrofill existing metal frame breaker cubicles with an EntelliGuard G breaker. Offers the option to include the EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit.
Retrofit Kit for Spectra™ Plug-In and Bolt-on Panelboards & Switchboards

Conversion Kits & Trip Units - Upgrade, Retrofit & Retrofill

Upgrade and conversion kits are ANSI C37.59 design verification tested to ensure safe, reliable operation. These kits extend the life of your mechanically sound breaker.
Replacement for installed RMS9, EPIC, MicroVersaTrip and Power+ Trip units on Power Break I, Power Break II, AK/AKR and WavePro.
Free software package that enables users to manage, monitor, test and customize the parameters present in EntelliGuard, PremEon, microEntelliGuard trip units.

Load Interrupter Switchgear (LIS) - Upgrade, Retrofit & Retrofill

ABB's Medium Voltage LIS Retrofit solution provides reduced Arc Flash incident energy levels for customers on their existing MV equipment.

Motor Control Centers (MCC) - Upgrade, Retrofit & Retrofill

Limitamp Vacuum Contactors are designed to provide long, trouble-free service with only a minimal amount of maintenance.
ABB MCC lineups are designed to provide decades of service in wide variety of applications.
Nuclear qualified MCC buckets to upgrade older MCC line-ups in nuclear facilities.