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TruCONTROL Retrofit Kit for Legacy-Zenith ATS

TruCONTROL Retrofit Kit for Legacy-Zenith ATS

Modernize your critical power assets
TruCONTROL retrofitting kit for legacy-Zenith ATS is a upgrade solution for legacy-Zenith ZTG, ZTS, and ZBTS automatic transfer switches that used the MX150 and MX250 controllers. The retrofit features a simple installation and the familiar controller setup process used by the ABB T-series ATS platform. The TruCONTROL Retrofit is designed for maximum compatibility with legacy-Zenith automatic transfer switches, including both standard and bypass ATS, and the included Ekip modules allow for backward-compatibility with all legacy-Zenith I/O option packages.

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Extend the life of your equipment
Keep your legacy-Zenith ATS up and running by replacing aged components with the latest in ATS control technology.

Minimize downtime
The TruCONTROL retrofit is fast and easy to install, keeping downtime to a minimum. The simple setup process for the ABB TruCONTROL unit will get your electrical system up and running fast.

Modernize your automatic transfer switch
Enable cloud-based connectivity with the ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System to provide system data in real-time – enhancing decision-making and improving productivity.

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