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Joslyn Hi-Voltage VerSaVac VSV Single-phase Switch

Joslyn Hi-Voltage® capacitor switches are designed to switch capacitor banks for improved system efficiency, voltage profile and capacity.

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Synchronized operation from a fast repeatable solenoid operating mechanism ensures all phase will operate within ¼ cycle – unlike slow motor-operated devices – reducing recovery voltage when the bank is switched off, which, in turn, reduces electrical stress o capacitor bank isolation

Optional zero voltage closing (ZVC) control mitigates transients associated with bringing capacitor banks online virtually eliminating costly customer equipment damage resulting from voltage spikes created when switching capacitor banks

Retrofits to exiting oil switch power supply transformer impedances and existing 14 AWG oil switch wiring

Optional manual trip lever not mechanically connected to operating mechanism to eliminate wear during normal operation

Vacuum interruption and solid dielectric Joslyte insulation – on oil, no gas, virtually no maintenance

Long-life solenoid operating mechanism yields 100,000 maintenance-free operations (50,000 open and 50,000 close)