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Joslyn Hi-Voltage Capacitor Switches

Joslyn Hi-Voltage® capacitor switches are designed to switch capacitor banks for improved system efficiency, voltage profile and capacity.

Fisher Pierce® controllers help to optimize the grid power performance and power factor correction. They can be used in conjunction with Joslyn Hi-Voltage VerSaVac® and Varmaster VBM capacitor switches.

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Joslyn Hi-Voltage Capacitor Switches
  • Reliable - Using vacuum interruption, solid dielectric insulation and solenoid operators, these switches offer long, reliable service life of up to 100,000 expected operations with no required maintenance.

  • Environmentally friendly - contains no oil or gas, virtually eliminating the associated environmental concerns and regulatory requirements for monitoring usage and leakage.

  • VerSaVac™ (VSV) distribution capacitor switches are available in single- and three-phases, 15-38 kV, 200 A.

  • Varmaster (VBM) substation capacitor and reactor switches are available in one-pole and three-phase, 15-72.5 kV, 300-600 A.

  • A zero voltage losing (ZVC) control option provides transient mitigation of system over-voltages and inrush current.


  • VerSaVac® 15-38 kV capacitor switches
  • Varmaster VBM 15-72.5 kV capacitor switches
  • Zero voltage closing control

View the Medium Voltage Application Solution Illustration