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Circuit Breaker Refurbishment Program
Circuit Breaker refurbishment - ABB service repair

The Circuit Breaker Refurbishment Program provides customers with a best-in-class refurbishment and preventive maintenance partnership for your in-service circuit breaker fleet.

ABB is proud to offer Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Refurbishment. Level 3 is a full OEM remanufacture of your circuit breakers combined with a 3-year extended warranty. Your circuit breaker – like new – at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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Key Values

  • ABB’s Circuit Breaker Refurbishment Program will take care of your circuit breakers – no matter the manufacturer – and help keep them operating safely and reliably for years to come. ABB provides world-class service, no matter where your facility is located.
  • Level 3 Refurbishment – a full remanufacture of your in-service, mission-critical circuit breakers combined with a 3-year extended warranty
  • Level 1 and Level 2 services are also available for circuit breakers that need a tune-up but are still in good working order.
  • ABB offers a full range of upgrades and retrofits to meet any modernization need. Contact your ABB sales representative for details.


ABB Circuit Breaker Refurbishment Program

Using our proprietary systems and software, ABB can quickly provide recommendations for your entire fleet of circuit breakers, as well as a quote and a service contract – quickly and professionally helping with decisions about future preventive maintenance. Your time is valuable, and ABB is on your side.

Through the GE Industrial Solutions acquisition in 2017, ABB Electrification Service has a unique US heritage and is ready to serve you. ABB provides the fastest turnaround time at the highest quality of workmanship through our large array of local facilities staffed by people in your community.