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Magna Blast Medium Voltage
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Magna Blast Medium Voltage

Over the past century, GE has designed and manufactured literally tens of thousands of medium and high voltage circuit breakers. Although many of the older designs are no longer manufactured, many units remain in service. GE can deliver solutions for these breakers without the cost and downtime associated with complete equipment replacement. If you have any of the following breakers in service, we can provide parts or engineered solutions to support your maintenance needs:

Features and Benefits

  • Parts designed and manufactured to the original or improved specifications.
  • Parts in stock for fast delivery when you need them.
  • Engineering support to provide support for your specific requirements.
  • Extend the service life of your equipment with Genuine GE Parts, designed by the original manufacturer assuring reliable fit and performance.
  • Increase rating capacity with packaged engineered solutions.
  • Save time with easy to install original parts
  • On-site service installation or supervision optionally available.

Product Scope

  • MagneBlast Medium Voltage vertical lift circuit breakers
  • FK, FKD, FKA and VIB medium and high voltage outdoor distribution breakers
  • ARA generator breakers
  • ATB high Voltage transmission breakers
  • Type MC and AG dc breakers


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