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Previous Generation Circuit Breakers

Previous Generation Circuit Breakers
SecoVac R Retrofill Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Designed to easily replace vacuum circuit breakers in existing switchgear in systems up to 15kV maximum rated voltage.
Thermal Mag Previous Generation F225, J600, K1200
Thermal Mag F225, J600, K1200 molded case circuit breakers
SecoVac VB2+ Vacuum Circuit Breaker - GE Industrial Solutions
Rated for 5kV - 15kV applications, 1200A to 3000A and up to 40kA short circuit rating.
Spectra RMS Electronic Trip Molded Case Circuit Breakers
15 to 1200A. SE150, SF250, SG600 and SK1200 breakers have a digital, solid state, RMS sensing trip system with field installable, front-mounted rating plugs.
Wave Pro and EntelliGuard Remote Racking Device
Electrically operated safety device for WavePro and Entelliguard breakers.
AKR Remote Racking Device
Electronically operated safety device for AKR series breakers.
WavePro Low Voltage Power Circuit Breaker
800 to 5000A. Builds on the experience of the AKR breaker line to bring convenience and safety features while retaining the robustness you expect from GE's power circuit...
Mag-Break Motor Circuit Protector breaker
Magnetic only circuit breakers. Available in Spectra types SE, SF, SG, SK,

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