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Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

SACE® Tmax® XT - ABB's newest line of MCCBs are available up to 1600A; globally certified UL/CSA/IEC
SACE® Tmax® T - A complete range of molded case circuit-breakers up to 3200 A. All the circuit-breakers, both three-pole and four-pole, are available in fixed versions.
ABB‘s SACE® FORMULA molded case circuit breaker line offers simplicity and quality in some of the smallest dimensions available.
FB100, available up to 600A with interruption capacities up to 200kAIC.
15-125A; Designed for use in lighting panel applications. Internal accessories and mounting bases make them suited for individual mounting as well.
15 to 150A. Our industrial thermal-magnetic E150 breakers provide a proven, cost-effective solution.
The ProLine Circuit Breaker is the industry's first UL approved current limiting breaker to be used in a panelboard application.
Q-Line Miniature Circuit Breakers series include TH(H)QC cable-in, cable-out (lug-lug), TH(H)QB in bolt-on, and TH(H)QB-RC ring lug versions. All of them are available in 15A…