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Elastimold™ Molded vacuum fault interrupters –MVI
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Elastimold™ Molded vacuum fault interrupters –MVI

Make, carry, and automatically interrupt currents through 25,000 A symmetrical on 5-38 kV distribution systems.
  • Vacuum interrupters, programmable, electronic, self-powered controls, and ethylene propylene diene monomer  - EPDM rubber insulation provide compact, lightweight, and submersible overcurrent protection
  • Field programmable with a wide range of time-current characteristics – TCC curves and trip settings
  • TCC curves provide predictable tripping for ease of coordination with upstream and/or downstream protective devices
  • Control monitors the circuit condition – when the programmed parameters are exceeded, a signal is sent to the tripping mechanism
  • Available motor operators and controls enable radial feeders or loops to e reconfigured, thither manually or via SCADA
MVI molded vacuum fault interrupters include a molded-in elbow connection interface and trip-free mechanisms. They are available in single- and three-phase models.

Application information

  • Construction: submersible, corrosion-resistant, fully shielded
  • Operating temperature range: -40˚C to 65˚C



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